Billie Mazak

Special Education Teacher at West Greenville Middle School Alternative Program

Greenville, SC

Billie Mazak is currently working for the Greenville County Schools Alternative Program in Greenville South Carolina. She attended Clemson University and earned her B.A. in Special Education. As a graduate student, she worked in the Clemson LIFE program as a transition coordinator while receiving her M.Ed. in Special Education (multi-categorical) and certification in Elementary Education.

Ms. Mazak began her teaching career working as a teacher in Psychiatric Residential Facilities/Group Homes working with the most at-risk students in the district.  She also worked as a residential counselor at this time providing behavioral interventions to youth at Marshall I Pickens Children’s Program.  She has worked with students with severe social-emotional disabilities who also received psychiatric care and counseling due to severe trauma and mental health disturbances.

Currently she works for the West Greenville MSAP providing Inclusion services and Intervention. In the spring of 2021, she will start working towards earning her Board-Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) certification.

Ms. Mazak has a strong commitment and conviction that every child, regardless of any learning barrier or trauma has a right in developing to his/her greatest potential and every child has the ability to learn.  She chose to work in the field of education, specifically in this population, to become a teacher that she never had herself in school.  She believes that teachers have the ability to change lives and those students with severe trauma and adverse childhood experiences will need teachers who have the experience to assist them, now more than ever.