Improving Student Attendance & Graduation

Addressing the pivotal issue of attendance challenges, the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) proactively supports educators and educational entities by providing a wealth of targeted resources and strategies. Aimed at improving student presence and engagement in schools, NDPC’s initiatives strategically bolster efforts to enhance not only educational outcomes but also graduation rates nationwide. The organization remains committed to crafting solutions that drive consistent student attendance, recognizing its crucial role in ensuring every learner’s academic and personal success.

Attendance Offerings

Free Resource: Guiding Principles for Improving School Attendance Practice Guide

In October 2023, NDPC released a new practice guide, Guiding Principles for Improving School Attendance at no cost to schools, districts, and states desiring to use a structured process for attendance improvement. This detailed tool includes an introduction to research-based best practices as well as a self-assessment instrument to help guide decisions related to improving attendance.

Keynote Presentations and Training Sessions

NDPC Consultants and Team Members are available to conduct keynote presentations and face-to-face and virtual trainings on addressing the attendance challenges. Participants will learn to frame the attendance challenge with data and will be introduced to specific strategies to use in their system.

Developing a Focused and Actionable Plan to Improve Attendance Patterns

NDPC and SPN Consultants are available to collaborate directly with system leaders to develop and implement a tailored plan for addressing attendance challenges. This planning and implementation work is designed based on the needs of the system and can include:

On-site analysis of current truancy issues and current practices to include data analysis, interviews, and observations.

Generation of a locally-specific report on root causes, effective and ineffective practices, and recommendations for next steps to improve attendance.

Conduct local data analysis to identify truant sub-populations and trends.

Assist local leaders to form school-site Attendance Taskforces.

Guide the inventory of existing attendance improvement initiatives and the Taskforce analysis of existing practices.

Advise leaders and Attendance Improvement Taskforces on selection and design of most impactful new attendance improvement action steps.

Monitor and evaluate the implementation of attendance improvement initiatives and provide periodic reports of effectiveness to local leaders.

Support for implementation of the locally developed Attendance improvement plan.

Make Student Attendance a Priority

Should you wish to explore further the range of offerings and services we provide for attendance improvement, please send us an email at or click the button below. 

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