Trauma-Skilled Schools Certification Offered by the National Dropout Prevention Center

The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) partners with schools and school districts to become Certified Trauma-Skilled Schools. Schools and districts achieving Trauma-Skilled School Certification are verified to have fully implemented the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model by training all staff members in trauma knowledge, resiliency development, and skills for trauma management, to have on-site teams of staff members who are individual Trauma-Skilled Specialists, and to have a working plan in place for sustaining the plan over time. Attainment of Trauma-Skilled Schools Certification is typically achieved over a three-year period and requires that the following criteria be met. An overview of school and /or district certification requirements is below. The graphic of Steps 1—5 provides specific criteria and benchmarks.

For additional information on achieving Trauma-Skilled Schools Certification, contact the National Dropout Prevention Center at

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