Our Staff

Dr. Sandy Addis

Chairman of the National Dropout Prevention Center

Email: haddis@dropoutprevention.org

Dr. Sandy Addis joined the National Dropout Prevention Center staff in May of 2013 and currently serves as Chairman. He holds an EdD in Educational Leadership from South Carolina State University. He has 44 years of experience in public education in a variety of roles that include teacher, counselor, coach, principal, system-level administrator, and director of a regional educational service agency. He has designed and administered a variety of dropout prevention initiatives that include after-school programs, counseling, and service-learning. Dr. Addis has served as an alternative school principal and authored numerous grant proposals that funded summer programs, professional learning, family engagement, and character education. Dr. Addis has served as an adjunct instructor at several colleges in South Carolina and Georgia, trained local school boards, and consulted with local school systems on policy and leadership development. He has led educator teams in the development and distribution of student achievement measures and online systems for delivery of educator training. Dr. Addis has served on numerous professional boards, testified before legislative committees, and recently chaired the Educator Ethics Task Force of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Ray McNulty

President, Successful Practices Network and National Dropout Prevention Center 

Email: rmcnulty@spnetwork.org

Dr. Robert Peters

Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Email: rpeters@spnetwork.org

Dr. Robert Peters is the Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Successful Practices Network and the Nation Dropout Prevention Center. He currently works with school systems to strategically plan comprehensive solutions that empower academic success. Robert strongly believes in the power of relationships and has effectively worked with educators across the United States in rural, suburban and some of the largest urban districts including Miami-Dade County and Atlanta Public Schools.

Robert’s passion for helping ALL students reach their full potential is personal. As a parent of a child with special needs, he fully understands the need to ensure that each and every student receives the highest degree of academic opportunity from kindergarten through senior year.

Along with Robert’s passion and commitment to education, he also brings a history of innovation and transformation in all aspects of leadership. Before joining Successful Practices Network and the National Dropout Prevention Center, he served as an Assistant Superintendent, and principal at all school levels. He holds an Ed.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Robert is dedicated to working with district leaders, campus- based administrators and teachers to create systemwide solutions that empower academic success.