Diploma Planning Institute


The National Dropout Prevention Center seeks to help schools and communities graduate more students, and is proud to present the Diploma Planning Institute. Diploma Planning Institutes train and guide schools, districts, or community teams to analyze local data and circumstances to develop and implement research-based dropout prevention plans.

Please contact us at ndpc@dropoutprevention.org with the subject line “Diploma Planning Institute” or give us a call at 864-642-6372 for more information about this service.

A team of NDPC experts will train and guide school or district teams to analyze local data and circumstances and to develop and implement research-based dropout prevention plans. NDPC’s Diploma Planning Institutes can improve existing initiatives or replace random acts of dropout prevention with strategic, calculated, and likely-to-succeed initiatives. Diploma Planning Institutes are well-suited for multi school districts or offering by regional service agencies and provide long-term, follow-up support for local teams that are responsible for implementation and outcomes. The Diploma Planning Institute is an excellent grant-funded initiative which builds research-based local support for other grant-funded interventions. To learn more, contact John Gailer at jgailer@dropoutprevention.org.

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