2016 At-Risk Youth National FORUM Keynote Video

2016 Keynote Speakers At-Risk Youth National FORUM

Climate Change: Building a Caring, Connected, College and Career Ready School Culture

Ms. Stacey DeWitt, Founder and CEO, Connect with Kids Network, Atlanta, GA

How can we develop a connected, caring school culture that promotes emotionally and physical safety, protects against high-risk behaviors, and provides the best possible environment for students to achieve their academic and personal best? Learn more about the latest research on America’s changing culture, the impact on teen mental health, and positive strategies to create a connected, counteruclture of caring that will motivate and inspire students to reach their full potential.

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Engaged, Enthused, and Enthusiasitc—Give Them a Reason to Stay!

Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver, U.S. Army (RET), Founder and President, ViziTech USA, Eatonton, GA

Students today have a lot of reasons to drop out of school. Leadership and today’s technologies can overcome those reasons, and give them the excitement and enthusiasim that will keep them coming back.

Thermostats and Thermometers. “Setting, Changing and Controlling School Climate”

Mr. Terry Dozier, Former USA and NBA Basketball Player, Westwood High School Basketball Coach, Blythewood, SC

From an impoverished childhood to a professional post-athletic career, Terry Dozier has proven time and again that obstacles were made to be overcome. These life experiences life not only molded his philosophy, but have given him a genuine concern for his fellow man. Look, listen and learn as he speaks with down-to-earth wisdom, entertains, and captivates his audience.