Online Professional Development in Dropout Prevention Strategies

NDPC offers online courses in each of the 15 research-based Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention. The 15 Effective Strategies are formally adopted by numerous states and school systems as highest-impact interventions for graduation rate improvement. Each of these 60-90 minute self-paced courses takes participants through an exploration of what the strategy is, how it fits within the 15 Effective Strategies model, and the research supporting it, allowing participants to envision for themselves how the strategy can be implemented well within their own schools and communities. Participants investigate successful implementations across the country, potential benefits and barriers to implementing the strategy, and key implementation characteristics to consider in setting up their own programs. Courses may be taken individually to build staff capacity or in clusters to complete professional learning requirements of the National Dropout Prevention Specialist Certification Program. For more information, contact Jennie Cole at


If you are interested in learning more about the courses, and would like to preview a course, please email Courses can be purchased individually as well as in bulk through the NDPC store.


Courses Available