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New! Sign up now for the National Dropout Prevention Specialist (NDPS) certification program for educators and at-risk youth workers. This program is founded upon NDPC/N’s research-based effective strategies, known youth risk factors, professional learning participation, and field implementation of acquired knowledge. Program completers and their field reports will be posted on the NDPC/N Web site.

Why Do Students Drop Out

girl-pensiveSeveral large longitudinal studies include questions asked of high school dropouts related to reasons for dropping out of school.

See some of the most frequent reasons reported over the last several decades in this NDPC/N article.

"Why Do Students Drop Out?"

Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

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A Welcome From NDPN Chairman

One District's Story

Toyota USA Foundation Awards Grant to National Dropout Prevention Network


Thanks to a generous grant from the Toyota USA Foundation, the funding of the Career-Ready System for High School Students program will help reduce the dropout rate in high schools in New York, Kentucky, and Mississippi through providing career-focused education to support teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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NDPC/N Headlines

October 6, 2015

National Dropout Prevention Network and Catapult Learning, Inc. Form Alliance to Address Dropout Prevention and Recovery Strategies

Clemson, SC—(October 6, 2015) – The National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) and Catapult Learning, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of K−12 contracted instructional services, have formed an alliance to address dropout prevention and recovery strategies. The announcement was made today by Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N), and Stuart Udell,… Read more »

September 17, 2015

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network Message is Shared Nationally and Globally

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network Message is Shared Nationally and Globally This fall, representatives of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N) are sharing research findings and graduation rate improvement strategies from coast to coast and with leaders of other nations. NDPC/N’s release of new research revealing impact measures of effective strategies along with the popularity… Read more »

September 15, 2015

The National Dropout Prevention Network and BrightBytes Form Strategic Alliance

Clemson, SC (September 15, 2015) — The National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) and BrightBytes have formed a strategic alliance as part of the organizations’ shared commitment to help reduce the nation’s dropout rates, and to enable students to graduate from high school ready for college and career. Through the NDPN and BrightBytes partnership, the two… Read more »

From the Web

October 8, 2015

Read a recent report from MENTOR National Mentoring Partnership, The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring.

The National Mentoring Partnership with support from AT&T and written by Mary Bruce and John Bridgeland of Civic Enterprises with Hart Research, the report confirms what past research has indicated: quality mentoring relationships provide young people with positive and complementary benefits on a variety of personal, academic and professional factors.  However, more than one in three young people – an estimated 16 million – have never had an adult mentor of any kind while growing up.  This includes an estimated 9 million at-risk youth, who are less likely to graduate high school, go on to college and achieve social and economic mobility. Encouragingly, an estimated 4.5 million at-risk young people will have a structured mentoring relationship while growing up.

October 5, 2015

Attendance is key to student success

September was Attendance Awareness Month, and studies show that there is a direct link between absenteeism and high school dropouts. Statistics tell us that three-fourths of students who are chronically absent in sixth grade will drop out of high school and that a student who is chronically absent in high school is 7.4 times more likely to drop out. It is up to us to give children a reason to stay in school.

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