Our Impact

Major Ways We Fulfill Our Mission

The mission of the National Dropout Prevention Center is to increase graduation rates through research and evidence-based solutions.


Major studies, peer-reviewed journal articles, presentations at professional conferences,research-to-practice briefs, collaboration with other agencies and institutions of higher learning.

Forums, and Events:

Multiple national events held annually-networking and professional development opportunities, more than 1,700 conference attendees this year, 100% of U.S. states represented by attendees.


Broadcasts focus on critical topics and feature invited experts. More than 80 produced and archived online.

Fellows Program:

Invited academia and professionals collaborating nationwide to research dropout risk factors, strategies, and exemplary programs; dissemination of information and findings.

Support Services:

Program Assessment Review (PARs); Diploma Planning Institutes (DPIs); Planning Effectively for School and Community Collaboration (P.E.R.C.); professional development seminars, workshops, and programs; Speakers for conferences and meetings.

Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic relationships and collaboration; working with local, state, and national agencies, organizations, and partners to support research and dissemination of information addressing the dropout crisis.


Quarterly membership mailings, frequent contact and information updates, discounts on NDPC/N products.


Quarterly NDPC/N Newsletter, The Journal of At-Risk Issues, ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practices on School Engagement, position papers and issue briefs, infographics, and more than 100 print and online products for sale in the NDPC/N store.


More than 140,000 yearly visitors; 366 model programs; 1,190 web pages of resources on dropout prevention, including archived copies of the monthly NDPC/N Newsletter Update.

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