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Aired on: July 12th, 2016

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Franklin Schargel

Franklin Schargel has over 30 years of experience in K-12 education, working as a high school teacher, school counselor, supervisor, and He also works with teachers and to provide staff development in dropout prevention, leadership, positive school cultures, and working with at-risk learners. Mr. Schargel regularly presents on these topics, blogs, and produces informative videos. Mr. Schargel is also nationally recognized for his work in these areas and recently was honored as an Educational Global Guru in the 2016 rankings.

Michael L. Lillywhite

Co-host Michael L. Lillywhite, of SkillBott Inc., has over 25 years of professional and executive level experience, expertise, and success in the fields of education and consumer products at the national and international levels. His leadership skills and business acumen have allowed him to successfully manage multimillion dollar education, consumer products, and energy organizations across a wide variety of distribution channels where he consistently exceeds his business objectives.

Dr. George J. Petersen

Dr. George J. Petersen is the Founding Dean and a professor in the College of Education at Clemson University. He also taught for nearly a decade in secondary education in California public schools. Dr. Petersen’s primary focus in research and teaching is Educational Leadership and the executive leadership of district superintendents. Dr. Petersen has published three books on the topic of leadership in education and published over 100 articles and manuscipts.

Stewart Rodeheaver

Stewart Rodeheaver is the President and CEO of ViziTech USA, a company which designs and sells 3D training and education technology. While serving as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, he was inspired to create a more in-depth, handson program for training soldiers. This led to the development of 3D technology which allows soldiers to train in a more interactive environment. This technology has now also been adopted for education purposes by over 500 schools, colleges, and universities.

This Week's Topic

Meeting 21C workplace needs for both employers and employees requires not only an awareness of the role our nation’s workforce plays in the current global economy, but also requires planning and implementation of initiatives designed to ensure that future workplace needs can be met. Young people can also be more engaged in school when they recognize that school work is directly related to their unique goals and outcomes postgraduation.

In this broadcast:

Franklin Schargel’s topic is building America’s economy, education’s role in building that economy, and why our 21C workplace must be globally competitive. He defines the skills a world class teacher and need and what a world class school looks like before discussing what investment needs to be made now to get to the position of global leadership. Mr. Schargel concludes that the problem with America’s economy is not a lack of jobs; it is a lack of skilled people to fill them. Michael Lillywhite cohosts.

Dr. George Petersen discusses his personal and professional background as a professor and Founding Dean of Clemson University’s College of Education. He comments on NDPC/N’s work and its value in continuing to reduce the nation’s dropout rate nationwide.

Stewart Rodeheaver discusses the need to engage students while also developing their workplace skills. Virtual reality applications accomplish both objectives, allowing students to become involved in virtual experiences as diverse as seeing inside a human heart to assembling a combustion engine.


Franklin Schargel, PPT.

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