Four Overview Perspectives on Engaging Students

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Aired on: June 14th, 2016

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Dr. Judith Ann Pauley and Mr. Joseph Pauley

Dr. Judith Ann Pauley and Mr. Joseph Pauley are renowned career educators with more than 60 years of combined experience in education at the secondary, college, and graduate levels. Through their in-demand consultancy, Process Communications, Inc., the Pauleys have dedicated themselves to the development and sharing of proven strategies to motivate students at all levels, especially hard-to-reach and at-risk students.

Stacey DeWitt

Stacey DeWitt, co-founder and CEO of Connect With Kids, is an attorney and award-winning journalist. She served as a deputy prosecutor working with disadvantaged children through the juvenile courts and family service agencies, where she developed a passion for helping educate families and communities about life-changing issues. As a broadcast journalist, she developed a deep understanding of the emotional power of storytelling through video and its impact on behavioral change.

Elayne Bennett

Elayne Bennett is President and Founder of Best Friends Foundation and Best Men. She earned a MEd from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Best Friends, based in Washing- ton, DC, teaches character development and trains educators. Ms. Bennett serves on the Board of Directors of the National Dropout Prevention Network.

Dr. Jean Strait

Dr. Jean Strait, teacher education professor at Hamline University, MN, brings a wealth of firsthand experience in the classroom—having taught reading, literacy, and educational psychology in higher education for the past 23 years. She has developed and led urban teacher programs with service-learning components at colleges throughout the Twin Cities. Dr. Strait coedited eService-Learning: Creating Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement Through Online and Hybrid Courses in 2015.

J Ross Parrelli

J Ross Parrelli is a Universal label hip hop recording artist and founder of Beats Lyrics Leaders, mentors working together to bring about opportunities to create music, develop business skills, and ultimately provide an outlet for young adults and youth to be the best they can possibly be. Beats Lyrics Leaders explores beat making, lyric writing, and recording so that students can find their passion and skills within the challenges and trainings.

This Week's Topic

Ensuring that students stay engaged in school and the education process itself does not lend itself to one simple technique. Nor is there any one technique that can be used to engage every student. In fact, as many students as are in a given classroom is often the same number of techniques needed to keep those students engaged—and in school.

This session will present four overviews of techniques to keep students engaged in school. While there is no one-size-fits-all technique, these short segments will offer ideas and implications for student engagement that can be adopted and adapted in the full range of K-12 classroom settings. Additional information regarding the techniques presented by each participant will be available through the participants’ Web sites.

This broadcast features:

• Dr. and Mr. Pauley present an overview of the value of establishing positive relationships with students, and how to engage and motivate them to achieve measurable improvement in behavior and academic achievement.

• Ms. Stacey DeWitt and Ms. Elayne Bennett remark on the “culture shift” that has subsequently redirected student motivation from intrinsic to extrinsic and the value of socio-emotional learning in engaging students as a result of this shift.

• Dr. Jean Strait discusses eservice-learning as an effective student engagement practice using eservice-learning in the aftermath of the Katrina flooding as an example.

• Ms. J Ross Parrelli engages students through mentorships designed to encourage students’ creativity through producing and performing hip hop combined with acquiring real-life business management skills.



Elayne Bennett, President and Founder
Best Friends Foundation, Washington, DC

Stacey DeWitt, J.D., Co-founder and CEO
Connect With Kids, Atlanta, GA

Jean Strait, Ph.D., Author and Professor of Teacher Education
Hamline University, MN

Judith Pauley, Ph.D., Consultant
Process Communications, Inc.
Joe Pauley, Consultant
Process Communications, Inc.

J Ross Parrelli, Recording Artist and Founder
Beats Lyrics Leaders

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