Family Involvement Makes a Difference

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Aired on: September 14th, 2010

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Pat Davenport

Pat Davenport is the Chief Executive Officer at Families and Schools Together, Inc (FAST). As an International Trainer and CEO of Families and Schools Together, Inc., Pat initiated and implemented the first FAST program through the CIS Network. Pat was the first CIS /Certified FAST trainer within the network of CIS and became a Certified Trainer consultant for Families and Schools Together, Inc. training several teams throughout the United States for individual and statewide initiatives. She has also been involved in developing, implementing, and training teams in Canada and the United Kingdom. Pat has represented Families and Schools Together, Inc. in various speaking engagements throughout the country.

This Week's Topic

In this broadcast, Pat Davenport, Chief Executive Officer of Families And Schools Together Inc. will address parent involvement in schools. She will talk about the importance of family involvement and highlight several key research findings about parent involvement. Davenport will  describe the various types of parent involvement and will feature a  multi-faceted evidence based program named FAST.  It was developed by  Dr. Lynn McDonald, a professor at Middlesex University in London, England.  FAST, through rigorous randomized trials, has shown an 80%  parent involvement retention rate, a decrease in aggression and an  increase in attention span. These are directly correlated with increased academic performance, reduction in dropout rates and reduced juvenile delinquency.


Presentation Slides  pdf

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