Keeping Youth In School – How Service-Learning Can Help!

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Aired on: June 24th, 2008

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Michael Schwarzbauer

Mike just graduated from Blythewood High School in Columbia, SC. He has been engaged in service learning since his sophomore year when he was selected for the Richland School District Two Youth Action CouncilIn keeping with his passionate interests in "all things technology", Mike is the Youth Action Council's web and tech consultant. Mike's commitment to service learning and student leadership has afforded him numerous opportunities to train other teachers and students not only within his district, but on a larger scale such as the At-Risk Youth National Forum, the National Dropout Prevention Center's Service-Learning Institute at Clemson University, IGESL's Summer Service-Learning Institute, and the National Service Learning Conference.

Joan L. Liptrot

Joan Lennon Liptrot is the Executive Director of the Institute for Global Education and Service Learning in Levittown, Pennsylvania. She provides training and technical assistance to schools, community, and faith based organizations as well as National Service programs. With 20 years of experience in education, international teacher training, and curriculum development, she has helped youth and adults develop, expand, and enhance their service-learning practice. Co-author of "Getting Started In Service-Learning" and "Developing Citizenship Through Community Development" Joan works to develop high quality models of service learning programs that can be replicated successfully across the country. For the past several years Joan has been working closely with members of the Richland School District 2 Youth Action Council (YAC) in Columbia, SC. In addition to building youth leadership skills among the YAC members, Joan has been working with teams of students to develop a team of "Youth Facilitators". These 8th through 12th grade students are training their peers and teachers in service learning as well as conducting interactive presentations at state and national conferences.

This Week's Topic

The National Dropout Prevention Center has long advocated service-learning as a teaching methodology with considerable potential to prevent dropouts. Today’s program will give you an overview of service-learning and just how to effectively incorporate specific strategies to promote youth engagement in the service-learning process in order to foster their resilience.

  • Learn about the principles of service-learning and how it can engage students in their learning.
  • Discover how it can develop leadership and workplace skills as well as foster resilience.


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