Expecting Success From Pregnant and Parenting Students: The Law and Promising Practices

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Aired on: October 18th, 2012

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Lara S. Kaufmann

Lara S. Kaufmann is Senior Counsel and Director of Education Policy for At-Risk Students at the National Women’s Law Center. Ms. Kaufmann engages in litigation, advocacy, and public education to advance women and girls at school and in the workplace, with a particular focus on improving educational outcomes for at-risk girls, including pregnant and parenting students. Ms. Kaufmann co-authored the Center’s 2012 report, A Pregnancy Test for Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Stu- dents, as well as its 2009 report, Listening to Latinas: Barriers to High School Graduation. Ms. Kaufmann is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Northwestern University School of Law.

This Week's Topic

  • Learn about specific recommendations for removing and reducing barriers for pregnant and parenting students.
  • Hear about examples of promising practices that schools are already using to support pregnant and parenting students.

Far too many pregnant and parenting students are pushed out of school as a result of discriminatory practices that violate Title IX, the federal law that has prohibited sex discrimination in education since 1972. Any serious effort to improve graduation rates and stop the cycle of poverty must include a focus on the rights and needs of pregnant and parenting students. This webcast will provide educators, policymakers, and advocates with information about Title IX’s regulations, and will highlight the findings from the report, A Pregnancy Test for Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Students.


Presentation Slides pdf.

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