Lessons From the IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program

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Aired on: May 11th, 2010

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Linda Cantu

Linda Cantu, Ph.D., Senior Education Associate, Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), directs the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, an internationally-recognized dropout prevention program. She coordinates the training, technical assistance activities, materials development, and evaluation for more than 50 sites that implement this cross-age tutoring program. Cantu also manages and https://dropoutprevention.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/C.W.-Gardenhire-pic.jpgisters IDRA's three Transitions to Teaching projects (Transitions, T-TExAS, MASS), funded by the U.S. Department of Education to recruit and prepare elementary school teachers. Cantu taught fourth grade for six years. In 1988, she served as the assistant director of training for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

This Week's Topic

All children are valuable; none is expendable. But the fact is U.S. high schools lose more than one third of their students before graduation, and the cumulative impact of this attrition affects every person. But, schools can increase their “holding power” by transforming how they recognize students’ inherent value, their contributions, and their potential significance to their communities and society, as a whole.

Dr. Linda Cantu, an IDRA education associate and director of the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, will give an overview of this research-based, internationally-recognized dropout prevention program that is keeping more than 98 percent of participating students in school, young people who were previously at risk of dropping out. She will also present seven key lessons from 26 years of the program that can inform efforts to improve the quality of education for all students.


Presentation Slides pdf.

“It Made Me Want to Do Better in School” – Former Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Tutor Shares His Experience(2005).

25 Years of Effective Dropout Prevention – Five Primary Reasons for the Success of the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program(2009).

Coca-Cola Valued Youth College Tours – On the Road to College Success(2006).

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program – Strengthening Student Connections with School(2006).

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program 2010 Essay Contest Winner – Kwame’ Weatherall(2010).

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program web site.

Continuities – Lessons for the Future of Education from the IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program(2009).

Montecel, M. R. (2009).  Continuities: Lessons for the Future of Education from the IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program pdfSan Antonio, TX : Intercultural Development Research Association.

Five Supporting Reasons for the Success of the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in Dropout Prevention(2009).

Montecel, M. R. (2008).  Valuing Brazilian Youth: IDRA’s Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in Latin AmericaThe International Journal on School Disaffection pdf


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