Policies and Practices Related to Student Failure and Dropping Out: Tools and Resources

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Aired on: March 25th, 2008

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Raymond E. Morley

Dr. Raymond E. Morley is a consultant, utilizing over 35 years experience in dropout prevention programs, services for high school dropouts, at-risk programs, education of homeless children and youth, coordination of work experience and cooperative education, and school-based youth services programs (coordination between schools and community service organizations). He has published over 50 manuscripts, including books, pamphlets, state guidelines and legislation, curriculum guides, and journal articles. He has helped establish an international organization dedicated to alternative education IALA (International Association of Learning Alternatives). He is a member of the Iowa Association of Alternative Education (IAAE) and serves on the board of directors for that organization as well as IALA. He also links with the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network for staff development initiatives.

This Week's Topic

Students and teachers know how student success in school can be maximized. A few basic tools used locally can bring forward the ideas of local teachers, students and others to achieve exemplary status in dropout prevention. This Webcast will provide the tools you can use immediately.

Prior to the broadcast, it is advisable to download and print the first five resource documents. Dr. Morley will be referring to them during the webcast, and they are the resources and tools that can be used after the session.


Presentation Slides pdf.

A Framework for Learning Alternatives Environments in Iowa pdf(2008).

Alternative Learning Environments: A Checklist of Quality Indicators(2008).

Flowchart Depicting Student Learner Progress(2008).

Iowa Department of Education (1996).  Inventory of Policies and Practices Related To Student Failure and Dropping Out pdf.

Iowa Association of Alternative Education. http://www.iaae.net/site/. (2008).

Morley, R. E. (1995).  Restructuring Education Through Listening To And Involving Our Children pdf.

The International Association for Learning Alternatives(2010).

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