Improving Reading for Academic Success: Strategies for Enhancing Adolescent Literacy

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Aired on: October 6th, 2009

3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

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Our Guest(s) This Week

Renee Murray

Renee Murray is a school improvement consultant specializing in adolescent literacy for the Southern Regional Education Board. She is the co-author of several SREB publications that focus on literacy, including the best-selling Literacy Across the Curriculum. She delivers scores of workshops throughout the country each year to middle grades, high school, and college faculty.

William Bintz

William Bintz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies at Kent State University where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in literacy education. His personal experiences and professional interests include literacy across the curriculum K-12, collaborative teacher research, interdisciplinary curriculum, and creating a library of award-winning literature.

Dr. Patrick O'connor

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick J. O'Connor is on the graduate faculty at Kent State University. He coordinates the teacher education programs in Career-Technical Education. He is the author of two college textbooks, numerous professional articles, two literacy readers for struggling readers, and the NDPC monograph The High-Performance Workforce and the At-Risk Student.

This Week's Topic

If your students can’t read, they cannot learn science, math, or history and are more likely to become dropouts. Dr. Pat O’Connor and Dr. Bill Bintz from Kent State University will be joined by Renee Murray of the Southern Regional Education Board as they share their expertise on the critical topic of adolescent literacy. Educators at the middle and high school levels will learn techniques to assist their struggling readers in learning important reading skills, no matter what content area they teach.


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