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A Blueprint for Success: How the Trauma-Skilled Model Revolutionizes Schools

At GW Helier Elementary School, led by Principal Jose Hinto, the implementation of the Trauma-Skilled Model has catalyzed significant changes. By prioritizing strong, supportive relationships among students, parents, and the community, the school has fostered a positive learning environment that enhances both academic performance and emotional well-being. This approach has not only improved student engagement but also set a new standard for educational excellence, demonstrating the substantial impact of a trauma-informed curriculum.

Learn about the Trauma-Skilled Model

We can help you replicate GW Helier’s achievements: the Trauma-Skilled Model offers a comprehensive framework that can transform your schools. By adopting these principles, you can create an environment where every student thrives, supported by a community that values resilience and connection. Let us show you how to build a foundation for success that will elevate your district’s educational experience.

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