Caring For

The Present

Befitting from the National Dropout Prevention Center’s 30 years of experience and deep grasp of evidence-based solutions, SPN’s dedication to caring for the present at schools across the country is unparalleled.

Attendance Services

Being future-focused means being present. SPN wants all students to be present for their education. That’s why SPN’s experts—including those at the National Dropout Prevention Center—have extensive expertise in implementing evidence-based strategies to promote increased student attendance.

Trauma-Skilled Support

Caring for the present and enabling the future requires an empathy-first approach. That means schools and districts have an obligation to care for all students who find themselves along a trauma continuum. SPN’s experts offer specialized strategies to ensure that Future-Focused systems honor students’ individual stories and cultivate resilience.

Personalized Programs

Every student is unique. Every school is unique. Every learning opportunity is unique.​ ​SPN’s experts believe that the best professional learning program is personalized. By tailoring our strategies to each system’s unique needs, SPN experts create flexible learning environments that care for the present and enable the future—school by school.​




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