Teren Jackson, Director of School Services, has worked for K12 since 2010.  In that time, she has served as Engagement Administrator with Georgia Cyber Academy, Senior Product Manager with School Services, and currently Program Director with the Student and School Success Team.  Since joining K12, Teren has helped to create and lead implementation of the Family Academic Support Team ™ (FAST) program, an integrated student support model, which has now been adopted across the majority of K12’s managed public schools.  Prior to her work with K12, Teren provided advocacy, training, and therapeutic support services to at-risk children and families in various settings.  Originally from Illinois, Teren presently resides in Maryland with her family.

Contact Information

Teren Jackson

Student Support Program Director
K12, Inc.



Field Project
Family Academic Support Team TM Implementation

Project Location
Herndon, VA

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