Sonja Dotson, a native of Lake Cormorant, MS is a Professional School Counselor at Shelby County Schools with over twenty years of diverse educational experience. As an educator, she is committed to providing quality services, where learning can flourish in a positive way. Mrs. Dotson believes that, in fostering strong academic and supportive services students will become college and career ready graduates. A former Special Education Teacher of Gifted Students, Mrs. Dotson utilizes the ASCA National Counseling Standards to develop and maintain a Comprehensive Counseling Program. The Comprehensive Counseling Program supports all students in their educational, career, personal, and social development thus enabling them to become life-long learners and productive citizens in our communities and around the world. To develop this vision students receive support through counseling services, the referral process, and community resources. She also serves as a Health Care Provider at Lakeside Behavior Health System specializing in providing quality care to individuals in need of behavior health care and/or addiction treatment. She desires to utilize this field study to promote effective strategies aimed at reducing the dropout rates among our youth and young adult population.

Contact Information

Sonja Dotson

Shelby County Schools

(901) 237-1422


Field Project

Project Location
Memphis, TN

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