Marlon Eugene Prince

Marlon Eugene Prince is the At Risk Student Interventionist for the Marlboro County School District.  In this capacity, he assists schools with attendance, truancy, making sure that students are in school for testing, mentoring, and is the McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison. Having served in the Marlboro County School District for more than 25 years as a mentor and district administrator, Marlon has continued to sustain a good rapport with the community, parents and students of Marlboro County.

Contact Information

Marlon Eugene Prince

At-Risk Student Interventionist

Marlboro County School District, Bennettsville, SC

(843) 454-2022 (Office) 843-439-0781 (Cell)


Field Project
Bridges to Success-Transformation, Transition and Motivation

Project Location
AMI Infinity-Marlboro County, Bennettsville, SC


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