Kevin Minor serves as Family Advocate and Title IX Coordinator at Invictus High School’s East Campus in Cleveland, Ohio.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania and has been working with Cleveland’s at-risk youth population for nearly 9 years.  During those years, Kevin has effortlessly taken on a variety of roles such as a Youth Specialist and Detention Officer. In his current position, he continues to exhibit the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform tasks that are required to get his job done and reach the students.  Working with at-risk youth has become his passion; he wants to connect those who are frequently referred to as “the disconnected.” Kevin will go the extra mile while communicating constantly that he will not give up on the youth he encounters. He feels that without us, our youth may be headed to a path of self-destruction.  Kevin challenges everyone in the room to affect change by assuring the diverse needs of every one of our students are being met.

Contact Information

Kevin Minor

Title IX Coordinator
Invictus High School



Field Project
Student Engagement and Retention of Athletes

Project Location
Cleveland, OH

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