I currently serve as the creator, instructor, and leader of a Dropout Prevention program that is the only of its kind in the state of Oklahoma, where I have worked tirelessly to develop a truly unique mixture of high-level strategies that include:
-credit recovery via standards-based online learning,
-career exploration and soft skills advancement,
-social-emotional development

Through 11 years of advocacy for students who are under-served in roles such as, Title 1 Instructional Coach and Literacy Remediation Specialist, I have learned that teachers truly save lives of students every day, and it is not for the faint at heart.

I am an action-oriented person, so if I see a student or group of students struggling, I like to determine through data and conversation the major road block, and then assemble a team around the student to stay action and outcome-oriented, rather than problem-oriented.  My professional goals for the future include educational leadership to help create systemic change.  I am a proud wife and mother of three.


Contact Information

Kendel Echard

(405) 795-9608


Field Project
Ascend: Dropout Prevention Program with CTE as Focus

Project Location
Moore, OK

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