Janice McDaniel has served as Student Leadership Advisor/Manager for Memphis and Shelby County Schools for over 30 years.  She also works extensively to create and enhance initiatives and opportunities that support the on-going personal and professional development of students.
Janice serves as the main point of contact for student leaders, overseeing student leader training and support, as well as on-going program development. In this role she interfaces regularly with students and school and play a key role in driving the strategy and execution of student leadership initiatives.

Her background includes experience in individual and group counseling, peer mediation/conflict resolution, restorative justice, alcohol and drug/violence prevention, crisis prevention, classroom management, team building, and diversity.  Ms. McDaniel hold a bachelor of science degree in Educational Psychology and a master of science in Social Work degree.





Contact Information

Janice McDaniel

Student Leadership Manager
Shelby County Schools District

(901) 416-4224


Field Project
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Conference

Project Location
Memphis, TN

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