My current position as Personalized Learning Specialist with Cobb County School District is multi-faceted.  I supervise the math, reading and ELA remedial support programs in grades K-12 as well as develop and run the summer tuition middle school and high school credit recovery summer school programs.  I am the county petitioner for House Bill 91 waivers with the state of Georgia.  My greatest focus and area of expertise is math education and instructional practices to reach underachieving student populations.

I have been an employee of Cobb County Schools for 27 years.  I spent 18 years teaching in middle school math classrooms and four years acting as the Title 1 District Math Facilitator, coaching math teachers in 11 different schools.  I’ve delivered professional development throughout the state of Georgia and have presented at the National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics in Denver recently on Math Multiplicity.  I was instrumental in organizing the Children’s Literature to Math Reference List used by Cobb County School teachers that aligns at least one literary source to each math unit for grades 6, 7, and 8.

I am a member of GCTM and NCTM. I’ve served on the GADOE CRCT review committee and completed Georgia’s Academic Coach Training.   I have been trained for Peer Coaching by Barkley.  I am also a certified Costa & Garmston Cognitive Coach.  I participated in both Leadership Academy and Leadership Institute in Cobb County 2006-2007.

I spent 3 years working with a telecommunications company acting as their technology education specialist for inside sales.  I would travel to the headquarters’ holding companies, learn the technology and operations, and return to headquarters to train the sales staff.

Awards include Math Teacher of Recognition, 1996, Georgia Power Corp. Teacher of the Year, Lost Mountain Middle School, 2007, and Outstanding Graduate Student 1999, Kennesaw State University.

Undergraduate degree from Florida State University, Masters from Kennesaw State University, Specialist Degree, Walden University and currently ABD for doctoral degree Walden University.

Contact Information

Diane Rice

Supervisor, Personalized Learning
Cobb County School District

(770) 514-3857


Field Project
Cobb County School District Early Literacy Intervention

Project Location
Marietta, GA

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