Dr. Denise Hoy is the Principal at Agee Lierly Life Preparation Services (ALLPS) learning center in Fayetteville, AR. This alternative learning environment provides opportunities that accommodates every kid and situation to promote student’s success. Her educational background includes a Bachelor in Business Education, Masters in Vocational Education, and a Doctorate in Adult Education: Human Resource Development. She has taught Business Education, Special Education, English and maintain numerous other certifications. Principal Hoy has implemented programs that has shown to create positive changes in many student lives. Gaining attention with her out of the box thinking, she has been recognized for creating pathways for those who needs an alternate learning style, approach, environment, and schedule. Moreover, she works consistently to shift the minds of educators to think interventions versus consequences to ensure the whole child is successful.

Contact Information

Denise Hoy

Agee Liverly Life Preparation Services (ALLPS)

(479) 444-3083


Field Project
Innovative and Flexible Alternatives

Project Location
Fayetteville, AR

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