Dean Manke is the Senior Director of Academic Affairs for Invictus High School – The Home of the Undefeated.  He has worked in education for over 18 years, and in drop-out recovery and prevention for most of that time. He has been a part of helping hundreds of students graduate, find jobs, transition to college or careers, and make better lives for themselves.  During his time at Invictus, the school has graduated a record number of students, increasing incrementally over the last four years. Invictus students earned over $235,000 while participating in workplace learning last year and are on pace to earn more than double that in the current year.

Dean has led the school to develop a multitude of programs to improve the odds for students “beyond the diploma.”  Invictus students earned 245 college credits while in high school via concurrent enrollment at Cuyahoga Community College. His efforts have developed students who have also earned over 150 Industry Credentials for jobs in targeted, high-demand careers.

He has also pioneered the process to develop a targeted set of wrap-around supports for students.  These supports are meant to strategically build connections between students and community resources, affinity groups, housing, daycare, and multiple other areas of need.

Dean is passionate about helping kids who really need help and kindling the fire for learning in every student. He wants all Invictus students to become successful and undefeated members of the rising Cleveland community.

Contact Information

Dean Manke

Senior Director of Academic Affairs
Invictus High School



Field Project
Student Engagement and Retention of Athletes

Project Location
Cleveland, OH

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