Chrystal Grandberry is a dedicated educator, coordinator, trainer and leader with professional experience in managing and maintaining positive and healthy learning environments. She has professional experience in the discipline of counseling and leading students to academic success. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Philander Smith College of Little Rock, AR and MAED in Teaching from the University of Phoenix. Chrystal holds a state of Tennessee Professional Teaching License in Psychology. This is Chrystal’s third year with Shelby County Schools and she currently serves as Graduation Coach at Raleigh Egypt High.  Two years prior, she was a classroom teacher in the Social Studies department. During her time with Raleigh Egypt, her focus has been on at-risk students by ensuring their progress in on-campus and online classes. Prior to Shelby County Schools, Chrystal served Memphis City Schools for 13 years in which she actively served on the Leadership Team for 6 years and held the position as Graduation Coach at Oakhaven and Craigmont High Schools. During her time as Graduation Coach, she provided academic counseling, implemented academic intervention plans and encouraged alternative education for at-risk students to ensure academic success and increased graduation rate for the schools. As Graduation Coach, Chrystal also served as the liaison between the high school and the local Junior College for students in the early college program. Chrystal successfully taught in the areas of Physical Science, Psychology, World History, Personal Finance, Facing History and Ourselves, and African American History. This educated leader is determined to provide as close as possible perfect educational experiences for all students.

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Chrystal Grandberry



Field Project
Retention of Destination 2025

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Memphis, TN

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