Audrey Smith is a specialist in Shelby County Schools Department of Student Affairs.  She has been with the school district for over 20 years. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and trainings in various areas ranging from crises management response to computer technology. Prior to coming to this department, her tenure with the district has included working in the Superintendent’s Office, Deputy Superintendent Office of Academics and in the Office of Charter Schools. Currently Audrey is working in the Department of Student Affairs where she has been since 2018. This department’s focus is to amplify student voice by engaging them in matters that are important to them and providing them with a venue to voice their concerns on issues that directly involve them and their learning.

Contact Information

Audrey Smith

Shelby County Schools Department of Student Affairs

(901) 416-5300


Field Project
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Conference

Project Location
Memphis, TN

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