As a Family and School Support Supervisor with over 20 years of experience working in different capacities within Memphis and Shelby County Schools Districts, Mr. Avant fosters a high competency level of school, community and family engagement as it relates to gang identification, customer service, crisis prevention/intervention, acute behavioral modification, and anger management.  Mr. Avant is people oriented and displays excellent managerial and networking skills.  He is very knowledgeable regarding the greater Memphis and Shelby County area.  Moreover, Mr. Avant is team oriented and possesses excellent supervisory skills that effectively create positive outcomes.

Mr. Avant is an enthusiastic and experienced Family and School Support Supervisor who is eager to make a substantial contribution to the Department of Student Affairs. His background in family, community and school engagement allows Mr. Avant to work well with school , cabinet leaders, and colleagues.  He offers a great knowledge of implementing effective engagement strategies while considering both the student educational and family engagement aspects. Mr. Avant is a self-starter and excels in integrating new concepts for engagement.  He hopes to contribute to the reputation for excellence as a highly effective team member.

Contact Information

Antonio Avant

Family and Community Engagement



Field Project
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Conference

Project Location
Memphis, TN

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