Program Assessment and Review (PAR) and Program Evaluation Services

The NDPC PAR process is aligned with NDPC’s research and systemic solutions framework and provides research-based strategies as well as expert assistance to schools, communities, local educational agencies, and states.

“All children deserve a high-quality education that provides them the opportunity to learn and succeed in a safe and caring environment. . . . The National Dropout Prevention Center has worked to support and enhance the continuous improvement of public education systems. Our approaches are research-based and grounded in our conviction that schools must plan creatively and systematically to achieve the goal of high-quality education for every child.”

—Jay Smink, Former Executive Director, NDPC/N

One District’s Story: Anderson District 5

See how a program assessment review between the National Dropout Prevention Center and Anderson District 5 helped effectively evaluate district policies providing the district with resources and opportunites to evaluate areas of success to help students make it to graduation day. View this Solutions to the Dropout Crisis episode that goes behind the scenes on the PAR process.

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