Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rates at the school level: School Year 2010-11

This dataset contains school level information on the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rates calculated by state education agencies in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations on ESEA, Title I, published in 2008. The dataset contains information on the number of students identified within the cohort for 2010-11 graduation, along with the percent of those students graduating with a high school diploma within four years. Adjusted cohort rates and counts are reported for the school as a whole, and for key subgroups of students (major racial and ethnic groups, children with disabilities, limited English proficient students, and economically disadvantaged students). The reported graduation rate has been reported in a manner that protects the privacy of individuals within the data. The privacy protections vary based on the n-size of the student group whose graduation rate is being reported. To interpret these data appropriately, please utilize the cohort count that is reported for each graduation rate and reference section 4.1 of the Public File Documentation for details on the privacy protections. For more information on the data file and guidance for its appropriate use, please read the Public File Documentation.

Data provided by: EDFacts
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