Solutions and Strategies Series

National Dropout Rates: Sources, problems, and Efforts Toward Solutions  pdf

  • Hamby, J. V.
  • This report attempts to clarify some of the confusion about dropout rates. (May 1989)

How to Identify At-Risk Students  pdf

  • Wells, S., Bechard, S., & Hamby, J. V.
  • Presents a practice-based process for identifying potential dropouts. (July 1989)

Self-Esteem: The Key to Student Success  pdf

  • Nave, B.
  • Any effort to reduce the dropout rate must include a component that seeks to raise the level of perceived self-worth on the part of the student. (January 1990)

Incentives and Education  pdf

  • Seoane, M., & Smink, J.
  • The pros and cons of incentives are discussed. (June 1991)

The Disadvantages of Tracking and Ability Grouping: A Look at Cooperative Learning as an Alternative  pdf

  • Crosby, M. S., & Owens, E. M.
  • Research shows that tracking is detrimental to student success. Cooperative learning provides an effective alternative. (March 1993)

Family Literacy’s Approach to Dropout Prevention  pdf

  • Mansbach, S. C.
  • This intergenerational approach can break the cycle of illiteracy. (May 1993)

Enhanced Vocational Education: Developing a District-Wide Dropout Program  pdf

  • Hamby, J. V., & Monaco, F. A.
  • EVE represents an expanded vision of vocational education that seeks change in curriculum, methods, and the students it serves. (September 1993)

Promoting Success for the African-American Male Student: A Blueprint for Action  pdf

  • Reglin, G.
  • The Black Male Crisis compels educators to act now. This report offers a coordinated plan to ensure the success of African-American males. (January 1994)

Resolving Conflict Through Peer Mediationpdf

  • Rogers, M.
  • Violence in our schools threatens teachers and students alike. Learn about a strategy which teaches students the skills needed to resolve conflicts. (June 1994)

School-Based Case Management: An Integrated Service Model for Early Intervention with Potential Dropoutspdf

  • Smith, Jr., A. J.
  • Learn about a successful case management model. (September 1995)

Too Much Fun for Therapy: Therapeutic Recreation as an Intervention Tool With At-Risk Youth  pdf

  • Brooks, K. W.
  • Purposeful recreation can play a significant role in the educational process. This report introduces you to several strategies from the field of Therapeutic Recreation. (October 1997)

Literacy Clubs for At-Risk Girls  pdf

  • Naff, B., & Fones, S.
  • Based on research, this report provides you with practical suggestions for implementing literacy clubs, a strategy with proven success for at-risk girls. (January 1998)
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