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Evaluation Guide for Tutoring Programs

Weatherford, C. N., & Seoane, M.
Item No. DP9201    (1992)

Evaluation procedures specially designed for those who manage tutoring programs.

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Family Literacy Strategies: First Steps to Academic Success

Stegelin, D. A.
Item No. ES0302    (2003)

This book describes and defines family literacy; provides a research basis for it; and offers concrete, effective strategies for family literacy. Dr. Stegelin presents a treasure house of ideas and strategies to help all families engage in meaningful literacy activities. Many of these activities are free. Dr. Stegelin demonstrates how many family activities can be turned into a literacy event. The book is designed to be used directly by schools and other agencies that support family literacy programs and activities. This is a companion piece to Early Literacy Education: First Steps Toward Dropout Prevention.

Price: $10.00 (NDPN Members: $8.00)

Fifteen Effective Strategies for Improving Student Attendance and Truancy Prevention

Smink, J., & Reimer, M. S.
Item No. DP0501    (2005)

School and community leaders will find strategies, resources, and model programs to improve student attendance and reduce truancy.

Price: $10.00 (NDPN Members: $8.00)

Giving Youth the Power and the Money: A Guide to Establishing Youth Service-Learning Councils

Follman, J.
Item No. SL9702    (1997)

Involving young people in grant-making councils is an exciting way to spread service-learning. Learn how to get such a program started.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)

Guidelines for Evaluating Truancy Programs

Wesley, T., & Duttweiler, P. C.
Item No. TP0504    - ISBN: 1-933072-15-6    (2005)

This monograph is a guide to support self-evaluation of truancy reduction and prevention programs by those involved in their ongoing operations. It contains tools to assist program operators in developing a logic model for the evaluation of results-based truancy-reduction programs, including guidelines and worksheets, as well as creating an action plan for such programs.

Price: $11.00 (NDPN Members: $8.80)

Helping Students Graduate: A Strategic Approach To Dropout Prevention

Smink, J., & Schargel, F. P. (Eds.)
Item No. EE0401    (2004)

This book describes the 15 strategies identified by NDPC/N nationwide research. The research evidence is presented by many national experts and contains programmatic ideas for all high-risk students, including students with disabilities. The strategies provide school and community leaders with a framework to develop a comprehensive school improvement and dropout prevention program.
Also available from Eye on Education.

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Hooking Out-of-School Youth Through Service-Learning

Carter, K. G.
Item No. SL9802    (1998)

Learn more about service-learning, one of the most powerful instructional strategies for at-risk youth. Find out why it is so effective.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)

How’s Your ESP?

Item No. DP9102    (1991)

A self-analysis tool for at-risk students to see how they feel about school, their families, and themselves; a useful tool for individual and group counseling. Sold only in quantities of 50.

Price: $35.00 (NDPN Members: $28.00)

Igniting the Flame: Establishing a Service-Learning Task Force

Wren Middle School Faculty
Item No. SL9803    (1998)

A team of teachers shows you how a schooled task force can provide the support and energy every service-learning program needs.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)