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¿Realmente Quieres Dejar de Asistir a la Escuela?

Reimer, M. S.
Item No. DP0502    - ISBN: 978-1-933072-09-8    (2005)

¡Debes conocer los hechos!

One of the most popular publications from NDPC is now available in Spanish. Additional information related to Hispanic populations is included.

Sold only in quantities of 50.

Price: $35.00 (NDPN Members: $28.00)

A Time of Change: The Civil Rights Movement

Flood, R., & Duckenfield, M.
Item No. SL9705    (2004)

Four veterans of the civil rights movement tell their stories. A companion teacher’s guide provides reflection exercises and guidelines for presenting a similar forum in your community. Available in VHS or DVD format.

Price: $20.00 (NDPN Members: $16.00)

A Training Guide for Mentors

Smink, J.
Item No. DP9901    - ISBN: 978-1-933072-29-6    (1999)

This guidebook provides coordinators with the content that should be included in a comprehensive training program for mentors. It has also been designed to be a reference book for mentors in training.

Can be purchased in bulk: $20 for a single copy, $180 for 10 copies, and $350 for 25 copies.

Price: $20.00 (NDPN Members: $16.00)    |    Buy on Amazon: $18.00

Action Research and Evaluation Guidebook for Teachers: Making the Case for Service-Learning

Smink, J., & Duckenfield, M. (Eds.)
Item No. SL9809    (1998)

This guidebook helps teachers play a significant role in the evaluation of service-learning.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)

Administrator’s Guide to Service-Learning

Wright, J.
Item No. SL9701    (1997)

A former principal provides suggestions for meeting the challenges of service-learning.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)

Alternative Schools: Best Practices for Development and Evaluation

Reimer, M. S., & Cash, T.
Item No. ES0303    (2003)

The information in this volume serves as an overview of important factors to consider for those seeking new approaches to education of all children in alternative learning environments. Specific ideas are offered for program implementation, accountability for student learning, and quality service provisions. An outline of quality indicators will be useful to those already involved in managing education via alternative schools.

Price: $10.00 (NDPN Members: $8.00)

Athletes Off the Field: A Model for Team Building Leadership Development Through Service-Learning

Haughey, L.
Item No. SL9901    (1999)

Many school sports teams do community service. Turn this into service-learning and develop your students’ leadership skills.

Price: $7.00 (NDPN Members: $5.60)

Best Practices and Model Truancy Programs

Reimer, M. S., & Dimock, K. N.
Item No. TP0502    - ISBN: 978-1-933072-13-5    (2005)

This publication focuses on those programs, approaches, and strategies that have already demonstrated success. Six critical components of successful truancy intervention programs are identified. This is the first publication in the Truancy Prevention in Action series.

Price: $11.00 (NDPN Members: $8.80)

Best Practices to Help At-Risk Learners

Schargel, F. P.
Item No. EE0501    (2005)

Schargel presents 46 research-based tools, worksheets, and resources which have been field-tested in schools and dropout prevention programs across the country. For teachers,, counselors, and special educators who work with at-risk learners, it provides assistance in applying the Fifteen Effective Strategies dentified by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.
Also available from Eye on Education. (2005)

Price: $34.95 (NDPN Members: $27.96)