Tricia-Ann Simms

Math Teacher at Greenville County High School Alternative Program (HSAP)

Greenville, SC

As a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of designing educational strategies, coaching students to success, and making critical decisions during challenges, Tricia-Ann Simms has worked with students in alternative programs since she migrated to the United States of America (USA) in 2007.  She was born in one of the most beautiful islands on this planet, Jamaica, otherwise known as The Sprint Factor, home to the fastest man and woman on earth. After a major life-changing experience, she and her two children moved here to explore various opportunities and start over. Since then, she has earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from The Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently working on her doctorate in Curriculum Instruction at the American College of Education. She has also completed all four components of National Board Certification and now awaits that certification.

She enjoys working with students and embraces the challenges that are sometimes presented with working with students who may have had traumatic or other debilitating experiences. For this reason, she grabbed the chance to become a Trauma Skilled Specialist. This opportunity will allow her to provide students with unique abilities or challenges with a platform upon which they can build their confidence and grow as a productive and successful student while learning in a different educational setting.