Tom Griffin

Coordinator for Greenville County High School Alternate Program (HSAP)

Greenville, SC

Tom Griffin is currently the Coordinator for the High School Alternative Program (HSAP) in Greenville SC. This is his seventh year in his role with Greenville County Schools. Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Juvenile Justice and an ad on certificate for special education. He received is undergraduate degree from UNCC and his Master of Arts from Gardner-Webb University in Education Administration.

Tom has over 30 years of experience in working with students. Prior to coming to South Carolina, Tom worked has a District Administrator in Special Education in several districts in North Carolina. Tom has also taught in a Day Treatment setting for severely emotionally disturbed students. He has worked for the NC Department of Administration assisting school districts as well as colleges and universities. He also has a background in counseling and went through William Glasser’s Institute of Reality Therapy to become certified in Reality Therapy and Control Theory.  He has worked with a counseling agency, (The Relatives) working with kids 7-17, and also done individual, family, and marriage counseling with the Family Connection.

Mr. Griffin is a highly motivated individual that genuinely enjoys working with students and their families, and the challenges that they face. He is a natural leader and loves being part of a team.