Terry Peterson

Terry K. Peterson, PhD is Senior Fellow, College of Charleston, and the Director of the Afterschool and Community Learning Network. Former United States Secretary of Education, Dick Riley, calls Terry “the king of afterschool.” Terry helps develop strategies, partnerships, and workshops on comprehensive education reforms and expanded learning opportunities. Terry chairs the national Afterschool Alliance and serves on numerous national organizational committees. While holding senior state and federal positions, Terry helped develop numerous education policies and funding streams for example: At the federal level—the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, E-rate, and teacher and technology quality grants. At the state level—four-year child development programs; statewide teacher recruitment center; school, teacher, and principal merit pay programs; innovation funds for teachers and schools; school improvement councils, and arts in the basic curriculum. In 2010, he was awarded the Mott Foundation Chairman’s Award for Lifetime Educational Achievements.

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