Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer is a 17-year veteran teacher, counselor, and community activist who began his teaching career in 1992 working as an ESL teacher at Marshall High School in Silver Lake, CA, through Teach for America. At Marshall, he developed innovative programs such as the Comprehensive Student Support Center, which provides free medical services to students and their families. Mr. Zimmer also founded the Elysian Valley United Community Services Center (CSC), a community owned and operated agency that provides a continuation and after school program as well as recreation and enrichment programs for the community. He cofounded the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Student Recovery Day, an initiative first launched in 2009 and now modeled by other districts throughout the State of California. Twice elected to the Los Angeles Unified School District board, Mr. Zimmer also served as board president. The recipient of numerous awards, he continues to play a pivotal role in establishing school-community initiatives to support and stabilize families, as well as serve youth pushed out of the system.

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