Scott Solberg

Scott Solberg, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Applied Human Development at Boston University. He has worked internationally and nationally on the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective career development programs and services for especially high-need youth populations, including youth with disabilities. DR. Solberg’s publications, reports, and curriculum translate career development research into practice and policy strategies used by state leaders to guide their career development implementation and policy efforts and by districts and schools to construct K-12 career development programs and services.

Dr. Solberg partnered with the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish the Institute for College and Career Readiness which builds capacity among districts serving high-need youth populations.

He collaborated with the Global Pathways Institute to establish the National Convening on Career Development to bring together national business and education leaders to discuss strategies for moving career development forward as a national security issue. Dr. Solberg established and coordinates the State Leaders Career Development Network and presents regularly on the nature and promise of individualized learning plans.

Dr. Solberg is active in a number of professional organizations and also serves in positions of leadership, including chair-elect for the Society for Vocational Psychology. He is also the author of ScholarCentric, an evidence-based social emotional learning/resiliency assessment and curriculum used in schools throughout the country that has been shown to increase attendance, credits, and keeping students on track to graduate.

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