Patricia Robicheau

Teacher at Enterprise High School

Clearwater High School

Patricia Robicheau was raised in a small town in northeast New Jersey. She came to Florida to attend the University of Tampa in 1984. Mrs. Robicheau met her husband there but did not complete her education. Fifteen years and three kids later she received bachelor’s degrees in Secondary Education and History from the University of South Florida. Mrs. Robicheau was fortunate to find a flexible position at the Hospital-Homebound program that allowed her to work with teenagers with unique circumstances while raising her family. She believes it is important to connect with students on a personal level so they will be invested in their education, despite their circumstances. With a good attitude and proper support, anyone can be a successful student. The school where Mrs. Robicheau currently works, Enterprise High School, offers this support and she is excited to be part of the team. The school mission aligns with her own philosophy of education. Mrs. Robicheau has always enjoyed spending time with teenagers. In her free time, she likes to read, garden, scrapbook, attend baseball games and concerts, visit museums and play with her granddaughter.