Terry Pickeral

President of Cascade Educational Consultants, Bellingham, WA

Terry Pickeral is the president of Cascade Educational Consultants providing leadership in: youth engagement, school climate, service-learning, civic development, education policy, state and district leadership and other practices to sustain quality education reform focused on equitable student and community engagement.

He has worked with students from high-risk environments and those marginalized from quality education experiences. He is a senior consultant to the National Center for School Climate and the co-chair of the National School Climate Council, a national consortium advocating for policies and practices in support of quality, equitable and engaging learning environments. He is also senior education consultant to Special Olympics Project UNIFY, a national initiative on social inclusion in schools.

I am particularly interested in developing and disseminating quality policy options federal, state and local policymakers and education leaders can adopt/adapt to create and sustain the conditions for student development and graduation from high school. Such policy options will be based on evidence and research to support quality practices, identify components of a safe and engaging school climate.

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