Mr. R. Keeth Matheny

Mr. R. Keeth Matheny, teacher, instructional coach, author, and speaker, Austin Independent School District (AISD), Austin, TX, is a Social and Emotional Learning Model Teacher and has been the driving force behind the creation, implementation, and promotion of AISD’s MAPS (Methods for Academic and Personal Success) program. The MAPS program is designed to support freshmen as they transition into high school by teaching skills to help them succeed in school, relationships, the workforce and life. Over a four-year period, the MAPS program has helped to reduce freshman course failures at Austin High School by 41%, dropouts by 30%, and discipline referrals by 71%.


Mr. Matheny is a 2015 recipient of a National Dropout Prevention Network Crystal Star Award for Excellence in Dropout Recovery, Intervention, and Prevention. Mr. Matheny will be joined on this Solutions program by students from Austin High School.

For more information please contact R. Keeth Matheny at


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