Michelle Hudson

Stay in School Coordinator

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth, Texas


Michelle Hudson is the Stay-In-School-Coordinator (Truancy Interventionist) for the entire Southwest High School Pyramid within the Fort Worth Independent School District.  As a Stay-In-School-Coordinator, she is responsible for enforcing the compulsory school attendance requirements by applying prevention, intervention and counseling tactics with our students. Ms. Hudson also keeps administration, staff, families and the community updated on truancy laws

Her responsibilities include working to reduce the truancy and dropout rate, contacting students and parents regarding the student’s attendance through letters, conferences, phone calls and home visits, and making service referrals within and outside the district as needed. Ms. Hudson reviews referrals and attendance data to identify students who are truant and prepares court documentation (either criminal cases against the parent/guardian or civil cases against the student) for truancy. Although her office is located in a high school, she also works with the middle and elementary schools assigned to her pyramid.

Ms. Hudson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas Christian University.  She currently holds certifications in Basic Mediation and in Advanced Mediation from the University of Texas in Arlington. Prior to her current employment, Ms. Hudson worked for over ten years as a Probation Officer, Parole Officer, and Victims Services Advocate.