Kim Nix

Kim Nix, M.A., NDPS

Connections Program Director 

Regional Office of Education #9




Kim Nix is currently the Connections Program Director for the Regional Office of Education #9. Programs that fall under her supervision include the following: Truancy, homeless services, alternative educational services, mental health services and workforce initiative services to youth enrolled in over 14 school districts, within two counties (Champaign and Ford). In addition, Ms. Nix also works as a Wraparound Program Director for a nonprofit organization called DREAAM. She specializes in providing early intervention and prevention support services to promote Black Family Wellness of Black boys aged 3-6, who are experiencing social and emotional difficulties. Her goal for offering wraparound services is to enhance and increase mental wellness, behavioral health and family resilience. Ms. Nix holds a Masters in Psychology and has over 25 years working in education and social services.

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