Jerome Thompson

Attendance Officer

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth, Texas

Jerome Thompson has worked for the Fort Worth Independent School for the past 21 years. During the first three years with the district, he was responsible for working with dropout prone students at a FWISD dropout prevention/recovery high school as an Outreach worker. Mr. Thompson then moved to the Comprehensive Truancy Intervention Program, currently serving as the FWISD Attendance Officer. He is responsible for working with students and families regarding absenteeism and enforcing Texas attendance laws.  His duties include investigating student absenteeism, training, and truancy support to high schools, alternative schools, and middle schools in his assigned pyramid.

Jerome obtained his bachelor`s degree in Sociology at Aurora University in Aurora, IL, and a Master`s in Criminal Justice from Ashworth College in Norcross, Ga. Mr. Thompson also received his certification for Basic and Family Mediation from El Centro College in Dallas, TX. and his Truancy Mediation certification from Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas Inc. in Fort Worth, TX.

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