Fredrick L. Hickmon Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Kemper County School District

DeKalb, MS

Dr. Fredrick L. Hickmon is a twenty-plus year educator dedicated to the improvement of K-12 education for all students. Dr. Hickmon earned degrees from Mississippi State University, the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Doctorate from the University of Mississippi. Currently, Dr. Hickmon serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Kemper County School District. Deeply rooted in Kemper County, as it is home of both sets of Dr. Hickmon’s Great Grandparents, he deems it an honor to assist with the education of his younger family members. While working twelve years as a history teacher, Dr. Hickmon understood the significance of quality instruction by qualified teachers. To ensure his instruction came from a highly qualified teacher, Dr. Hickmon achieved his first graduate degree in History from Mississippi State University. After completing the requirements to become a school, Dr. Hickmon completed the Ph.D. program at the University of Mississippi, further illustrating his focus as a lover of learning. During his career Dr. Hickmon noticed a higher success rate among students who experienced more equity in classrooms. While working in districts with diverse settings of race, poverty, and a variety of other social economical stratifications, he realized the mental wellness of students was as important as cognitive abilities. Afterward, Dr. Hickmon became determined to increase awareness of student well-being in classrooms, to achieve better learning outcomes and to teach the whole child. The National Dropout Prevention Network’s TSS Model reflects these beliefs.

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