Dr. Mariam Azin

Dr. Mariam Azin is President of Planning, Research & Evaluation Services (PRES Associates), a national research and evaluation firm with offices in Arizona and Utah. Dr. Azin has more than 20 years of work experience conducting evaluations and research in the areas of education, social services and mental health. Currently, she is the principal investigator on the federal Project AWARE grant, a major goal of which is to expand capacity at the state and local level to make schools safer and improve school climate. She has been principal investigator on numerous local, statewide, and national evaluation efforts related to at-risk students; school climate; educational technology; and professional development, including serving as principal investigator on several Safe Schools/ Healthy Students grants, designed to provide comprehensive, seamless services to at-risk students and their families. Dr. Azin has conducted a substantial amount of research in the areas of early warning, school climate and contributors to successful early intervention with students starting to show signs of risk. Much of her research has been integrated into BrightBytes’ Clarity Early Warning platform, currently in use with nearly 500,000 students nationwide.

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