Kathy Headley

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Health, Education and Human Development

College of Health, Education and Human Development

Clemson University

Kathy Headley is a professor of reading education and a faculty member at Clemson University since 1987. Dr. Headley began her career as an elementary classroom teacher and reading specialist in Georgia before completing her doctorate in reading from Auburn University. In addition to her position as associate dean, Dr. Headley continues her collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Adolescent Literacy and Learning as the research director, having previously served as co-director of the center.

The formation of the NDPC Fellows Program is an educational dream that has come to fruition. Having the Fellows work both directly on specific projects with and indirectly as liaisons for the NDPC will create dynamic relationships that will branch into multiple directions. As associate dean for research in HEHD, my goal is to facilitate those collaborative relationships and outreach endeavors. As Fellows, we will work diligently to support teachers and learners who are key to addressing the mission of the NDPC in our state and nation.

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